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‘Crush the Castle: Siege Master’ is Launching Next Thursday and You Can Pre-Order it Right Now

Back when Angry Birds was taking the world by storm throughout 2010 and beyond, there was a small but very vocal contingent of gamers who were always quick to point out that “Crush the Castle did it first!" And they were right. The original Flash version of Crush the Castle from Armor Games released in the spring of 2009, and even the iPhone version beat Angry Birds to the punch by a few months when it launched in September of that same year. While Angry Birds went on to become a mega empire, we always had a soft spot for Crush the Castle in our hearts, so it made us very happy to see the series making a return when Crush the Castle: Siege Master was announced last week. Here’s what it looks like.

As you can see, Crush the Castle: Siege Master brings a pretty major upgrade in the visuals department but the tried and true trebuchet-slinging gameplay remains. Following its announcement last week Armor Games is now ready to drop a release date for the game, and it’ll be arriving next week on October 18th. And while Crush the Castle: Siege Master is a free game, if you want to get ahead of the curve and have the game just automatically download to your device when it releases then you can head over to the App Store and pre-order it right now. I’ll definitely be looking forward to crushing many castles come this time next week.