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‘Blackmoor 2’ Up for Pre-Order and Launching on iOS November 1st

The name Mooff Games might be familiar to a lot of you due to their wonderful collection of mobile releases over the years, like Toon Shooters, Maximus, Blackmoor or Super Boys. They have long been one of my favorite developers both because their games tend to be homages to some of my favorite games I played growing up, but also because they had an uncanny ability to capture that “special sauce" that made those classic games so fun back in the day. Anybody can make a retro throwback game, but to understand the things that actually made those games so good decades ago is something a lot of developers can’t grasp in their modern old-school style games. Things change, however, and the developer previously known as Mooff now goes by the name The Four Fats and for their first release under this new moniker they’re bringing out a sequel to possibly my favorite of Mooff’s previous releases. Yes, as was teased back in January, Blackmoor 2 is on the way, and it looks epic.

So if you were a hardcore Mooff fan like myself, then that trailer right there gave you chills. The original Blackmoor was released way back in the spring of 2014 and offered side-scrolling action platforming combined with a combat system ripped right out of a proper fighting game. The mashup totally worked and the overall charm of Blackmoor, with its numerous nods to video games, movies, and general pop culture spread throughout, really pushed it over the edge to be one of my favorite games of that year. If you’re as excited as I am to get your hands on Blackmoor 2, then you can pre-order the game on iOS by clicking this link here. The game will officially launch on iOS November 1st for free with a one-time IAP upgrade for $2.99, and an Android version is in the works too and should arrive before the end of the year. In the meantime, join in on the discussion for Blackmoor 2 in our forums.