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Mooff Games is Teasing Some ‘Blackmoor 2’ Footage on their Twitter

Something caught my eye and I meant to tell you all about it earlier this week, but dang it all if the week hasn’t just slipped on by me and here we are already at Thursday. Better late than never, I guess. Anyway as you might already know I’m a massive fan of Mooff Games, as they’ve somehow been able to capture that special sauce that makes games so fun and dress them up with all sorts of silly parodies of pop culture and video games. Their Toon Shooters (Free) is a riff on classic horizontal scrolling shoot ’em ups, Maximus (Free) is like a love letter to brawlers like Golden Axe, and Blackmoor (Free) is something of a hybrid fighting game/platformer which feels a lot like Castlevania and Street Fighter II had a lovechild. They have other games too and all of them call back to a gentler time in gaming and feel like the types of games you’d make when you were a kid if you were able to make games as a kid. Anyway, I absolutely adore Blackmoor and Mooff is currently in the midst of creating a sequel, which they’ve recently shown off on their Twitter.

Scrolling through their timeline it’s not totally clear if this is in fact going to be called Blackmoor 2 or Dungeons of Darkmoor, but I’m just going to stick with Blackmoor 2 here for simplicity. Either way it’s looking like another fine adventure with a focus on fighting game-like combat, which is exactly what I loved so much about the original. It’s probably also worth mentioning that Mooff recently updated their ENTIRE catalog to ensure it’s all 64-bit and iOS 11 compatible, which is really nice as it would have been a shame to lose all these great little gaming gems. Now, if we could get full screen support for the iPhone X *cough cough* then I’d REALLY be a happy boy. Nevertheless, I’m really looking forward to Blackmoor 2 and really whatever Mooff puts out, and while no release date has been mentioned we’ll be keeping our eye on its progress.