Nintendo’s ‘Dragalia Lost’ is Now Available for Download

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It seems that Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost (Free) has launched a bit early on the App Store, and is now available to download. It’s an action RPG, controlled entirely using swipe gestures, and the primary gameplay mechanic focuses on morphing back and forth from your dragon form. There’s tons of social hooks and multiplayer components, which will likely give Dragalia Lost an absurd amount of legs. You can either just download the game right now and hop right in, or check out the Nintendo Direct that focuses exclusively on the game:

I’m not super sure how excited to get about Dragalia Lost just yet, as it seems the production value is off the charts (being a Nintendo game and all) but it’s very, very free to play. This isn’t super surprising to see Nintendo go in this direction, as Fire Emblem Heroes has been absolutely killing it for Nintendo. Folks are very directly voting with their wallets, and it would seem Nintendo has heard them loud and clear with this game.

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