Telltale Games is Shutting Down?

We’re really not sure what to make of this news, as it’s one of those stories that’s coming red hot out of the Twitter machine, but it seems as if Telltale Games either closed down today or is closing down in short order based on posts from many people looped in to the company. Aside from tweets, the news seems incredibly plausible as Telltale was on a bender of releasing all kinds of games, from many different IP’s, but they’ve been more or less radio silent over the last few months. Needless to say, this news is taking many by surprise as not long ago Telltale was on the top of the world with the overwhelming success of Walking Dead: The Game (Free) and many other similar titles from blockbuster IP.


Telltale is responsible for some of my favorite games, as it was really awesome how they took movie, TV, or comic universes I loved and expanded them out in new and exciting ways with gameplay that was super approachable to everyone- Regardless of how much of a gamer you are. Batman – The Telltale Series (Free) took a unique spin on Batman games in that your time playing as Bruce Wayne actually mattered. Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series (Free) managed to carve out a niche in the corner of the Song of Ice and Fire universe that seemed very meaningful, even if it only was the story of a house that’s barely even mentioned in the books.

Similarly, Minecraft: Story Mode (Free) somehow succeeded in … giving a game with absolutely no story a rich world and cast of characters. Telltale had a magical touch, but that apparently isn’t enough in the brutal reality of the games industry. We’ll be following this story closely, as, man, what a bummer.

Update: Additional reports are coming out that perhaps Telltale hasn’t shut down but instead is seeing massive layoffs? Stay tuned as this story is rapidly developing.

Update 2: Looks like they’ve declared bankruptcy and are keeping a skeleton crew on, and here’s a post from the Telltale co-founder who left around a year ago.