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‘Squids Odyssey’ Heading to Mobile Following Nintendo Switch and Steam Releases

Back in October 2011, a bajillion years ago in the world of mobile, developer The Game Bakers unleashed one of the most unique and entertaining mobile games of its time with their turn-based action RPG Squids ($3.99). Back before the slingshotting-into-enemies mechanic was popularized by games like Monster Strike, Squids was utilizing this mechanic in a fully realized underwater world with a colorful cast of characters and an interesting story. We loved the original Squids quite a bit in our review from back in 2014, and the following year we also loved its Western-themed spinoff Squids Wild West ($3.99).

Following those successes on mobile, The Game Bakers switched gears towards Nintendo’s platforms releasing Squids Odyssey on the Wii U and 3DS back in 2014. Odyssey was a compilation of both of the original games with an entire additional chapter added in and reformatted to be one big, continuous adventure. Naturally when the Switch arrived last year they began eyeing that platform too, and indeed Squids Odyssey released on the Switch just this past July. That followed with a desktop release on Steam just a few weeks ago, and now things are truly coming full circle as Squids Odyssey is now heading to iOS.

Unfortunately the original iOS Squids and Squids Wild West haven’t received any updates in a few years, and they’re missing any other sort of modern conveniences or full screen support for the latest iPhones. And in Wild West’s case, it doesn’t seem playable at all on iOS 12. Which is a bummer as I recently had been craving a replay of the games. With Squids Odyssey now coming to mobile, this solves that problem for me, and I’m also quite excited to play through the whole new chapter that hasn’t been released on mobile previously. The game will set you back just $4.99 with no IAP, and if throwing a fiver at these guys means I get to play through these absolute gems again with all the modern trappings, PLUS new content, then I consider that a bargain. No specific release date has been revealed just yet but Squids Odyssey for iOS should be arriving before the end of the year.