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Swipey Platformer ‘Dribble!’ Gets a New Gameplay Trailer Ahead of its September 21st Launch

I’ve had a soft spot for Dribble!, the upcoming platformer from developer WojWorks, ever since I saw the first trailer for it in early July. In this colorful and quirky game you’ll guide a plucky little sphere through a multitude of dangerous environments using intuitive swipe mechanics that sees the little guy dart through the air and slam down on various types of enemies. As we had learned previously, Dribble! is all locked and loaded for release just over a week from now on September 21st, and in anticipation of that WojWorks wanted to put out a new trailer for the game that showcases one of the later levels so that potential players could see just how challenging the late game can get. Check it out.

One of the neatest things about Dribble! is that in addition to its basic swiping mechanics, each of the game’s different worlds offers up unique elements that change up the gameplay. For instance there’s one level that is constantly dropping colored drops of paint that can change your character’s color and you’ll at certain times need to make sure you’re a specific color in order to pass different parts of the level. Or a level that features masses of fluff that allow you to float around them freely when you come into contact with them. We checked out some different trailers of these levels at the end of July, and I’m very curious to see how this all plays out in the final product. I’ll defnitely be looking forward to the release of Dribble! next week.