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Colorful New Swipe-Based Platformer ‘Dribble!’ Coming to Mobile in September

Everybody knows I’m always on the hunt for new platforming games; it’s my favorite genre and I just can’t get enough of them. And while I love me some straight up traditional platforming that utilizes well-designed virtual buttons, I’m also really interested whenever a developer tries a different type of control method that’s more suited to the touchscreen. That’s what the two developer brothers collectively known as WojWorks are attempting with their upcoming game Dribble! The idea is pretty simple: you’ll play as a bouncy ball-shaped character and to direct him around the game’s levels you’ll simply swipe where you want him to go. Sticky walls, jump pads, cannons, and other items can augment how you get around in addition to the basic movements, and it all comes together across some really colorful and interesting-looking levels. Check out the trailer.

Dribble! instantly reminded me of both Bean’s Quest and Bean Dreams, two absolute classic bouncy platformers from Kumobius, as well as the wonderful Bounce On series, but with a nice twist based around the swiping mechanic and the different objects throughout the levels. Also, if you check out the full YouTube channel of the trailer above, you can see that the first gameplay video of Dribble! was just shy of four years ago, so this is a project that’s been in the works for quite some time. It always makes me happy to see these tiny dev teams that have worked on what is obviously a passion project for so long finally putting out a finished product. And speaking of that, Dribble! is pretty closed to finished and is scheduled to release on both iOS and Android on September 21st for just $1.99. So if you enjoy bouncy platformers like the ones mentioned above, or just platformers in general, then look for Dribble! when it launches in just a couple of months.