Colorful Bouncy Platformer ‘Dribble!’ Gets New Gameplay Videos Ahead of September Release

Earlier this month we shared the trailer for an upcoming platforming game called Dribble! from developer WojWorks. It’s a game that’s been in the works for quite some time and is built from the ground up for the touchscreen, utilizing a swiping system to move your bouncing character around the game’s colorful environments. Expanding on that core idea of swiping and bouncing are the game’s levels which all feature various elements to spice up the gameplay, and you could see a bit of this in that initial trailer but due to it being a montage it was hard to grasp just what some of those extra elements were. So WojWorks has recently released four new videos of Dribble! that each take a brief, uninterrupted trek through a different level in the game and show a little more closely what some of the special environmental aspects are. Check ’em out.

As you can see in that first video for the level Loony Land, things are pretty tame with bounce pad areas allowing you to jump even higher into the air, but that makes sense as it’s the first level in the game so they’re just introducing you to the basic mechanics in Dribble! The next video for the Paintforest level is perhaps my favorite as you can actually change the color of your character based on the type of paint you come into contact with, and they’ve built in some light color-based puzzling into the platforming gameplay. Some of it seems like quite the test of skill too as in certain situations you want to actively avoid being turned into a certain color, which is neat. The Floaty Fluff video showcases some, well, fluff that you can float around on; and Bad Odor Bayou features these stuffed trash cans you can actually use like trampolines to blast yourself high into the air. Dribble! continues to look like a really cool game so keep an eye out for it to drop on September 21st at a price of just $1.99.