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LemonChili’s Tower-Building Flick ‘Em Up ‘Tower Power’ Up for Pre-Order and Releasing October 20th

We’re big fans of Argentinian developer LemonChili Games and their quirky Crossy Road-esque shoot ’em up/classic sticker book collecting game Floyd’s Sticker Squad (Free) which hit the App Store last year, and of course we’re anxious to see what they’ll be putting out next. In that case we can look back to GDC this past March when we sat down with LemonChili to check out a big Floyd’s update and take a peek at their new game Tower Power. Another crazy hybrid game, Tower Power has you picking a team of up to 4 characters who stand atop a tower and take out waves of enemies by you flicking objects at them. LemonChili even coined the cool term “flick ’em up" to describe this unique gameplay. In between enemy waves you’ll frantically tap away to build up the height of your tower, which will in turn bring on harder and more varied enemies.

One of the coolest aspects of Tower Power, and something that adds depth to the otherwise simplistic gameplay, is the huge number of characters you can unlock and use on your team. Each of them have unique attack types and there will be times when you find that your default straight shooters just aren’t getting the job done, so you’ll recruit some heavier firepower onto your team. Everything comes together to make for what seems like another hit from LemonChili, and they’re definitely taking their time to make sure they get the title polished up just right. After recruiting some beta testers back in April, and releasing the game in Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android, it looks like the day is finally approaching that Tower Power will officially release to the world. The game is currently up for pre-order on the iOS App Store with a release date of October 20th and we’ll really be looking forward to getting our hands on the final product then.