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Tower-Building Flick Shooter ‘Tower Power’ is Looking for Beta Testers

During GDC 2018 last month, we sat down with Floyd’s Sticker Squad (Free) developer LemonChili Games to check out both a forthcoming update to that existing game as well as check out their new upcoming game called Tower Power. Tower Power is an interesting blend of tower-building game and flick-based shooter, as you’ll command a team of four sitting atop a tower and you’ll flick to shoot at various types of enemies approaching from the top of the screen. In between waves of enemies, you’ll tap frantically to try and build up your tower as much as possible before the next wave approaches, and as your tower gets taller those enemies get even more dangerous. Check out Tower Power in action in the following trailer.

While already a neat mixture of mechanics, I think the main draw of Tower Power is its extensive cast of playable characters. Each have really unique attacks and there will be a lot of strategy in terms of mixing and matching different characters on your team for different effects. Also it’s just fun to collect, upgrade, and fuse a bunch of characters, you know? If you want an even more in-depth look at Tower Power, check out this lengthy gameplay video for nearly 15 minutes of play. OR, you could actually PLAY the game yourself by applying to be a beta tester. Head on over to the game’s forum thread to find the link to apply for one of the limited number of beta testing spots and help shape the final outcome of Tower Power. Hopefully after some help from the community it won’t be too long until Tower Power gets whipped into shape and is ready for an official release.