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Vivid’s ‘Gravity Rider’ Speeds Onto iOS and Android Next Week

It seems like Vivid Games always has something cooking with the massive success of their Real Boxing series under their belt, and that was indeed the case when we met up with them during GDC this past March. They had three games in the works then, two of which have already launched: The arena brawler game Mayhem Combat (Free) (previously called Metal Fist) and their outstanding top-down sci-fi shooter/looter Space Pioneer (Free) which is easily one of my favorite games on my phone. Now the third game that they showed off at GDC, the Trials-like side-scrolling racing game Gravity Rider, is also set to grace the iOS App Store next week on September 6th. Check out the trailer.

If you’re an Android user then you’re no doubt familiar with some games launching later on the Android platform while iOS users get to have all the fun, and this is the case with Gravity Rider too. But wait! Don’t get sad yet. The plan is to launch the game on Android just one day later than iOS, on September 7th. But wait again! Gravity Rider is actually soft-launched on Android right now, so it might even be possible to play it BEFORE all your iOS gaming buddies. How about them apples? Whatever the case, next week everyone will be able to enjoy some Gravity Rider, which really is a visually impressive game and I’m always onboard for these side-scrolling physics-based racing games, so be sure to check it out when it hits.