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GDC 2018: Vivid Games Shows Off ‘Space Pioneer’, ‘Metal Fist’, and ‘Gravity Rider’ All of Which Are Launching this Summer

Vivid Games is here at GDC 2018 and they have quite a full lineup of new mobile games launching in the next several months. They stopped by our meeting area to show off three of them, and funnily enough all three games have been in soft launch so it’s possible you’re familiar with them in some capacity already. First up is Space Pioneer, which we looked at last July when it went by the name Outer Pioneer. It’s an isometric shooter with a really cool art style and TONS of stuff to loot and upgrade. That one will be launching globally in May. Then we check out Metal Fist which is a platformer/fighting game hybrid that’s just a little bit like something like Super Smash Bros. The cool cast of characters and the interactive environments are the star here, and you can look for this one to officially launch in June. Finally we saw Gravity Rider which is a Trials-esque side-scrolling motorbike game that uses some really cool shifting camera perspectives and is filled with physics-based stunt fun. That one will launch in August, and you can see all three in action in the following hands-on video from GDC 2018.