Uprising Games Teases New Season 3 Content for the Excellent ‘Tennis Champs Returns’

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One of the greatest mobile games released EVER (yes I went there) is Tennis Champs Returns (Free) from developer Uprising Games. Released back in February of 2016, Tennis Champs Returns was essentially a modern remake of an obscure 1995 Amiga game called Super Tennis Champs, which a member (the only member?) of Uprising Games helped create more than two decades ago. I spill more words than necessary in my review of Tennis Champs Returns, and even MORE words in our Game of the Week writeup, but in short it hit all the right buttons by blending the progression of a simulation tennis game with a more arcade-like gameplay, all without skimping on the depth and strategy that demands a player actually improve their skills in order to be successful. An even shorter explanation: It’s just stupidly fun.

Anyway, that initial launch in early 2016 was just the beginning, as in the months that followed Uprising added tons of new features to Tennis Champs Returns. There was iCloud support in April; online multiplayer and a new women’s career mode in June; an Android version released in November; and the pièce de résistance a massive “Season 2" update in June of last year. There have been some minor updates in the year plus since then, but largely Uprising moved onto the (similarly awesome) Super Soccer Champs 2018 (Free), which released this past June. With that release behind them there’s now some time to pay a bit more attention to Tennis Champs Returns and they’ve posted a teaser of what to expect in a forthcoming Season 3 update. This brief video shows a new ball-wear-and-tear feature, the ability to choose a ball pre-serve, and a slick new challenge feature that shows a replay of whether a shot was actually in or out.

Tennis Champs Returns was already just about as close to perfect as a game can get for me, and somehow Uprising Games has found ways to continue improving the experience. No word yet on what other types of new features are in store or when this mysterious Season 3 update might hit, but Uprising Games if you’re reading this, listen to me: Take your time. You’re a hard working developer and you deserve all the time you need. But also? Hurry it the freak up man. If this is somehow the first you’re hearing about Tennis Champs Returns, then just go ahead and download it right now using the link below for the iOS version or using this Google Play Store link if you’re on Android. The game is free on iOS with some IAP options for premium-ing up the experience and currently $2.49 with no IAP on Android, so if you enjoy arcade sports games or just enjoy having fun then you’ll be in for a real treat.

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