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PvP Puzzler ‘Super Spell Heroes’ Launches Next Week

The German game publisher Flare Games put themselves on the map with the monstrously successful Nonstop Knight (Free), which is a shockingly fun idle game where (as the title hints) your knight just endlessly dungeon crawls. There’s even a Nonstop Chuck Norris (Free) by Flare if that’s more your thing. More recently they’ve released Zombie Gunship Survival (Free), Olympus Rising (Free), and next week on August 20th Super Spell Heroes will hit the App Store.

So far, it seems like Super Spell Heroes is effectively a simplified version of the now defunct iOS version of Super Puzzle Fighter. You match colors, and the bigger your math the more tiles you send blasting over to your opponents’ board and vice versa. It’s a formula that works real well, and I’m thinking that the simple touch interface of Super Spell Heroes should make it even better to play than other similar games that have tried a similar thing.

There’s multiple characters to play as, each with their own unique spells that vary how you approach these PvP battles. Of course everything can be leveled up, providing some long-term goals to the game. Super Spell Heroes seems really technically sound, I just really wish it had a more unique art style. I’d hate to see a otherwise cool looking game just get lost in the shuffle of the bazillion games on the App Store that lean way too hard on the Supercell aesthetic, for lack of a better way to put it.

I guess we’ll see when it launches next week.