Best New iPhone Games on Our Forums: ‘Vista Golf Rivals’, ‘NearEscape’, ‘Shaq Fu’ and Way More

There’s three made-up holidays happening today and I really can’t decide which I want to highlight, so I’ll just lay ’em all out and you can decide which you want to observe: August 8th is a date that is shared with National Zucchini Day, International Cat Day, and National CBD Day. I suppose if you’re a real bad ass you could celebrate all three at once by eating some zoodles, while petting a cat, and puffing on a vape. Actually, I’d like to see that. Anyway, as usual there’s a whole heaping helping of new iOS games that have hit the App Store this week, and some stragglers we missed from last week’s roundup largely due to the massive morale hit we took from Apple killing the App Store affiliate program.

Here’s all the new games that have been posted to our forums:

Also, if you’re new around here the cadence we follow on Wednesdays is I throw together this post as quickly as I can and then Jared comes in and plays cleanup with our full release roundup which is posted anywhere between 10:00 PM and midnight central- largely dependent on how many surprise releases there are in the evening. Stay tuned for that!