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Ubisoft’s ‘Hungry Shark’ Follow-Up ‘Hungry Dragon’ Launching Worldwide August 30th, Pre-Registration with Rewards Open Now

The Hungry Shark series is one of the most popular series in the entire world of mobile gaming, and in fact was an almost immediate success when the original launched way back in 2010. We liked that original a lot back then, and numerous huge content updates eventually led to the release of Hungry Shark Evolution (Free) in 2012, a culmination of all the Hungry Shark goodness that developer Future Games of London had produced thus far and a game that continues to see content updates to this day. The following year Ubisoft took note of how popular the Hungry Shark games had become and gobbled up Future Games of London like a shark for an undisclosed amount, and under the Ubisoft umbrella the team produced its most ambitious title yet in May of 2016 – Hungry Shark World (Free). After the screaming success of both Evolution and World, the Hungry Shark formula is getting shaken up in a big way with the release of Hungry Dragon on August 30th.

Yes, Hungry Dragon is exactly what you think it is: Hungry Shark but in the skies with dragons. Developed by Ubisoft Barcelona this time around, Hungry Dragon has you flying and boosting around medieval environments gobbling up numerous types of airborne and land-based creatures. Eat enough of them and you’ll trigger a Fire Rush which lets you breathe fire and torch everything in sight, which is quite satisfying. If you’re familiar with the different size tiers used in Hungry Shark World, it’s basically the same in Hungry Dragon, as is the free to play model. Basically, you’ll be grinding for days to upgrade and unlock new sharks, but when the core gameplay is as fun as it is, that’s a pretty acceptable compromise to most people. Also like Hungry Shark World before it, Hungry Dragon uses some really impressive 3D visuals that exude personality like a Pixar movie.

If you’re fans of the previous Hungry Shark games, I’m pretty confident you’ll like Hungry Dragon. It’s been soft-launched since the beginning of the year and several players in our forums have taken it for an early spin and have good things to say. It’s basically taking an existing winning formula and spicing things up with some minor variations in gameplay and some fun new theming. If you haven’t dove into the soft launch version already, you only have a little over three weeks to go for the worldwide launch of Hungry Dragon on both iOS and Android on August 30th, and you can visit the official site in the meantime if you’re interested in pre-registering to earn some bonuses when the game finally hits.