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Puzzle Platformer ‘Micro Vendor Adventures’ Looking for Beta Testers

When you buy a can of soda from a vending machine, it’s a pretty straightforward process. You pop in some money, push the button of the flavor you want, and a few loud banging noises later your can arrives in the slot ready to be enjoyed. But little did you know that there’s much more going on behind the scenes during that process. In reality there’s a tiny robot called a Micro Vendor who must retrieve your soda order, put the big heavy can on its back, and then negotiate a gauntlet of different hazards before finally being able to deliver the goods to you. Don’t believe me? Well I’ve got video proof courtesy of the upcoming game Micro Vendor Adventures which documents this incredible phenomenon.

Pretty crazy, huh? I’ve gone my whole life without realizing what was REALLY going on inside vending machines. In Micro Vendor Adventures you’ll actually control objects in the environments directly, like blocks and elevators, in order to create a clear path for your little robot vendor. It’ll also include boss fights, because obviously there are terrible people out there trying to get in between you and your soda pop. Micro Vendor Adventures is getting close to completion, but the developer is hoping to recruit some beta testers in order to get things whipped into shape ahead of release. If you’re interested in testing, head over to the thread in our forums to sign up, and when Micro Vendor Adventures gets a firm release date we’ll let you know.