An Android Has Invaded the Latest ‘Dragon Ball Legends’ Update

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This morning, the official Twitter account for Dragon Ball Legends (Free) revealed all the details about the game’s newest update. While there’s quite a lot to go over, the most noteworthy feature of the update is the inclusion of Android #19, one of Dr. Gero’s villainous cyborgs.

As part of the “Fearsome Android #19" event, players will have the chance to experience the beginning of Dragon Ball‘s Android Saga in Dragon Ball Legends. By battling the titular Android #19 over the course of four story chapters, players will earn Z Power to summon the mechanical menace.

The main story of Dragon Ball Legends has also been expanded upon, as Part Two Book One is now available. The Break-Away Summer Campaign is also underway, which provides players with daily missions that help them earn a Sparking Character, which is the rarest type of unit. Finally, new “Shallot Upgrade Missions" have been added, which let players power up Shallot, the player character.

A variety of balance patches and quality-of-life changes have also been implemented, such as equipment storage expansion and skip ticket EXP gain. Check out the tweets below for the full listing of changes contained in the new update:

For those who are unaware, Dragon Ball Legends is a card-based action/fighting game that features an original story set in the world of Dragon Ball. As Shallot, an amnesiac Saiyan from the past, players battle as, with, and against iconic characters from across the Dragon Ball series. Outside of the story, players can fight one another in real-time in PvP mode and partake in unique character-based events, which are frequently added. The game features a unique card-based fighting system that only requires the use of a single finger, and emulates the look of its source material’s high-flying and incredibly flashy battles.

The Android #19 event will run until August 21st, while the Break-Away Summer events each have their own event periods. If you want to check the game out, Dragon Ball Legends is available for download on both iOS and Android.


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