Hey We Got a Shout Out from Lonnie!

We’re a huge fan of Lonnie ’round these parts, as he’s the biggest iOS YouTuber out there who has thrown down some straight up absurd view numbers over the years. This video on Temple Run 2 (Free) has over 10 million views, for example. The best we’ve ever done was this video on the Apple Watch which has racked up 2.4 million views, but I think that might be because we maybe weren’t supposed to be taking video at that event? Maybe? Or we just posted it first? Who knows! YouTube is weird! Anyway, we got a big ol’ shout out from Lonnie this morning which basically recaps yesterday’s super fun news of Apple killing their affiliate program. CHECK ‘ER OUT:

So, consider this a reciprocal shoutout, or whatever the kids are calling these things now days. If you’re a TouchArcade person and you’ve never heard of Lonnie, a vlog channel where he posts his random adventures of life and wrestling with poor VHS tracking. With the powers that be taking a big ol’ dump on all third party iOS content creators, all us online content creators really have left is each other and our respective communities.

What a cool future to be living in!