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‘Vista Golf Rivals’ is the Multiplayer Version of the Minimalist Mini-Golf Series and is Looking for Beta Testers

Last year Shallot Games released Vista Golf (Free), a stylish and minimalist mini-golfing game that you could play with just one hand. Besides having an endless mode, its biggest selling point was how it would rotate in three new 18-hole courses each week, making it a nice competitive game as players would jockey for positioning on the weekly leaderboards. Now Shallot is taking that competitive aspect and expanding on it in a follow-up title called Vista Golf Rivals. Here you’ll be able to compete with other players in asynchronous matches using the same intuitive one-handed controls of the original Vista Golf. It will also include the Skillz platform functionality built in so if you’re feeling especially confident you’ll be able to run tournaments and make real money wagers against opponents, though there’s a virtual currency system in place too if betting actual money isn’t your thing. Also Vista Golf Rivals will feature some new environments over its predecessor, which you can see in this preview video.

You may recall that the original Vista Golf ran a beta test on our forums with great results, and so Shallot is looking to do the same thing with Vista Golf Rivals ahead of the game’s official launch next week. If you’re interested in testing, check out the thread in our forums for instructions on how to sign up. Also if you remember our coverage from GDC back in March there was a level editor in the works for the original Vista Golf, and Shallot wants players to know that that’s still happening, so look for more on when that will be ready in the future. Vista Golf Rivals will be launching on August 7th completely for free with no ads or IAP, and if you click this link on an iOS 11 device you can actually pre-order the game right now. Otherwise check out the forum thread for beta opportunities and look forward to the formal launch of Vista Golf Rivals next Tuesday.