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‘Vista Golf’ Brings Competition and Tons of Levels, and It’s Looking for Testers

I enjoy playing mini golf games on my phone because they are usually fun and fast. The upcoming Vista Golf, launching next week, is a simple mini golf game that will be adding new courses every week and will have you competing weekly for the top spot across three 18-hole courses. At the end of the week, those who won will get rewards and more courses will be added. There’s also an infinite mode that takes the pressure of competing off and lets you play for fun. The game looks like a more detailed version of GOLFINITY—as someone in our forum thread also pointed out—and the developer has stated that while there are similarities between the two, Vista Golf has more vertical elements (like ramps) along with competitive elements.

I think you’ll have fun playing the game judging from the various levels the developers are showing off in our forum thread. If you want to help the developers polish Vista Golf to a shine before the game releases next week, hop over to our forum thread and apply for the beta.