Amazon Item of the Day: Elago W3 Vintage Mac Apple Watch Charging Stand – A Super Cute Way to Charge Your Apple Watch

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I’ve been pretty wishy washy on Apple Watch charger stands, as most of them seem weirdly expensive and honestly don’t provide a ton of functionality that your normal Apple Watch charging cable doesn’t also provide. That is, until I discovered the Elago W3 Vintage Mac Apple Watch Charging Stand. Like most (all?) other Apple Watch charging stands, you take your Apple Watch charging cable and snake it up inside of the stand so that when you slide your Apple Watch into it, you’re really just sliding it up against the original charger. The difference here is look at how friggin’ cute that thing is.

When you plop your Apple Watch in the charger at night, it looks like a Classic Mac! The novelty is seriously sky high, as everyone who sees this thing at my house asks where I got it. It also comes in a black version but I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just go with the Classic O.G. White model. There’s really nothing to it, it’s just a piece of rubber-y plastic, but, come on, it looks like a Classic Mac!

Yes, you’re paying $9.99 for the sheer novelty of this all, but, come on, you’ve probably spent more money on dumber things. I know I have, and those dumber things aren’t this cute. JUST LOOK AT IT!

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