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Incredibly Promising Premium City Builder ‘Pocket City’ Gets New Trailer Ahead of July 31st Launch

In September of last year Codebrew Games, aka developer Bobby Li, posted some animated gifs on Reddit from his upcoming mobile city-building game called Pocket City. Unlike basically every other city building game on mobile, Pocket City was designed to be completely premium and is based on the strategic aspects of the genre that made it such a popular game type on desktop over the past few decades, as opposed to the more casual social aspects of most free to play city builders. Apparently a paid city building game on your phone is something people want badly, and after the Reddit post blew up in the days following Codebrew posting it it landed on our radar where we relayed those sweet gifs to you, our own lovely readers. A couple of months later Codebrew released the first proper trailer for Pocket City, and seeing even more of the game in action made our anticipation all the greater. Now they’ve released the official launch trailer showing the most up-to-date look at the game so far, and all I can really say is it’s looking incredible.

If that new trailer has captured your interest, then you may be wondering when exactly you can get your hands on Pocket City. And my answer to you is: Not long! It’s scheduled to launch at the end of this month on July 31st, so only a little over a week away. And you might also be wondering about the pricing of Pocket City, seeing as this is a premium game with “no microtransactions or annoying timers" per the developer. And my answer to you about that question would be: Five bucks! Yep, not a bad price at all for a fully premium builder. The reason I know all this information is because it’s listed on the game’s App Store preview page, as Pocket City is currently up for pre-order. So if you are interested in doing that then click this link on an iOS 11 device to be taken to the App Store to do the pre-order thing, otherwise look for Pocket City when it hits in about a week’s time.