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‘Pocket City’ Could Be the Premium Mobile City-Building Game We’ve Always Wanted

There is no shortage of city-building games on the App Store, but you know what there IS a shortage of? City-building games that aren’t free to play. Sadly, that particular monetization system has turned this great genre into something more akin to an idle game rather than the highly strategic affairs of past entries on desktop and console. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that you know? There’s obviously an audience for games like SimCity BuildIt (Free), which is an absolutely gorgeous game and has been running strong for several years now, and I’ve personally had a lot of fun with it, but is far from a “proper" SimCity title. The freemium audience has been served well, but there is an underserved audience looking for an actual premium strategic city-building game on mobile. Well, Codebrew Games wants to fill that hole in the App Store with their upcoming game Pocket City, and it looks pretty fantastic in this animated .gif previewing a work-in-progress version of the game.

That underserved audience I was speaking of? Yeah, they turned the developer’s Reddit post announcing Pocket City into the top post in r/gaming over the weekend, so it’s obvious there’s folks out there dying for a game like this on mobile. Codebrew has since opened a separate subreddit solely for Pocket City where they’re soliciting suggestions for features that players would like to see in the game. From there you can also find links to the game’s Instagram and YouTube channels, and there’s an official website where you can sign up for a newsletter to stay in the loop. There’s also a lot of tidbits of information to be gleaned from that initial reddit post that blew up if you’re willing to wade through all the comments, otherwise we’ll be keeping tabs on Pocket City ourselves and will bring you any pertinent information as it’s available. Codebrew hopes to have the game out sometime in late 2017 or early 2018.