Unique 3D Platformer ‘Candleman’ Updated with New Levels and Virtual Control Option, On Sale Until Tomorrow

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Near the end of March, Spotlightor Interactive released an iOS and Android port of their peculiar 3D platformer Candleman ($4.99), which had already released on both desktop and consoles the previous year. In Candleman you play as a little sentient candle who can light its wick at will, but only has ten seconds of burning time on that wick for each level. Thus the game was about using that ten seconds to its fullest as you light up dark areas and stray candles, negotiating various platforming sections in an effort to figure out existential questions like why you’re a candle who can walk and think and feel feelings. Over the weekend Spotlightor Interactive released a new free expansion for Candleman adding in 12 new stages across 3 new chapters. This update also adds in an option for virtual button controls, which is nice as even though I quite like the more natural gesture controls there’s definitely some people who just plain prefer to be able to see which buttons do what. The game also has optimized graphics in this update, and in the options you can adjust the graphical quality to scale to your device or just to save on battery.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed Candleman on mobile, and even awarded it Game of the Week when it released, so I’m not mad at all to be seeing more of it. To celebrate the update Candleman is currently on sale just until tomorrow, with the full paid version down to $2.99 from $4.99 (and there’s also a lite version to try for free but it doesn’t appear to have been updated with this new content), so be sure to jump on it if you’ve been curious about this one but want to save a couple of bucks. You can also find plenty more impressions and discussion about Candleman in our forums.

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