‘Pokémon GO’ Developer Niantic Catches Seismic Games

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After releasing a string of major updates to their global hit Pokémon GO (Free), Niantic has announced that they have acquired Seismic Games, the company behind Marvel Strike Force (Free)Seismic Games recently reported that Strike Force has made $25 million since its launch in March, so it’s safe to say that this was likely a good call on Niantic’s part.

In their official press statement regarding the acquisition, Niantic stated that they’ll continue to support Seismic’s current projects while building “all new AR experiences"alongside them.

As part of this statement, Niantic said the following:

“At Niantic, we’re committed to our mission of motivating people to exercise, be social, and discover new places. We’re confident that Seismic Games will help us deliver on that mission — faster, and better."

While the companies may now be one in the same, I wouldn’t expect any radical changes to either of their games. With Pokémon GO and Strike Force both being incredibly profitable, it wouldn’t make much sense to mess around with something that makes that much cash.  So as appealing as it may sound, you probably won’t be catching Rocket Raccoon in Pokémon GO anytime soon. It’s nice to dream, though.

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