SteelSeries Nimbus MFi Controller is $29.99 via Prime Day and Going Fast

If you don’t have an MFi controller yet, and you’re even remotely interested in grabbing one for playing games on the Apple TV, your iPad, or iPhone with a controller, do not hesitate on this deal. As part of the Prime Day specials, Amazon is offering the SteelSeries Nimbus for $29.99. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this controller fairly cheap, but this is the first time we’ve seen it this cheap, shipped free, without it being some sort of weird refurbished unit or factory second. This is the real deal retail Nimbus.

We’ve extensively reviewed the SteelSeries Nimbus in the past, and there really has yet to be an MFi controller released that comes close to being better than it. The Nimbus works with everything in the iOS ecosystem, charges via the same Lightning cable you use with your iOS device, and has a battery that practically lasts forever. Whenever Valve finally manages to get the Steam Link app approved, or Fortnite finally adds MFi controls, this is the controller to have.