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The Creator of ‘JellyCar’ Has a New Game Coming This Month Called ‘Wobble Frog Adventures’

One of the great casualties of the App Store is losing the JellyCar series. Walaber Entertainment, a one-man indie shop released the original back in 2008. JellyCar one among the first wave of silly physics puzzlers to hit the App Store, and the object of the game was to reach the end of various levels, with your car and many of the obstacles made up of bouncy jelly-like materials. Oddly enough, Disney ended up publishing JellyCar 2 which was released in 2009. JellyCar 2 was basically just more JellyCar with a few controversial editions which were eventually dialed back with the 2011 release of JellyCar 3. While I’m not sure what the final nail in the coffin for the series on the App Store was, I’d guess it was the 64-bit appocalypse mixed with Disney nixing all their game businesses. Either way, it sucked for iOS gamers.

The good news is that Walaber has been hard at work on another iOS game which appears to scratch a similar wonky physics game itch. It’s called Wobble Frog Adventures, and the game actually started its life as a Ludum Dare game jam game called Floppy Frog. After loads of refinement, Flopppy Frog got a new name, Wobble Frog, and a couple of trailers:

And here’s a wackier trailer which will likely appeal to you if you like the weird style of trailers that folks like Devolver Digital and Beavertap Games put out:

Wobble Frog Adventures is going to hit the App Store on July 12th, and while I’m hopeful it’ll recapture some of the magic of previous Walaber games, I’m just happy that Walaber is still making games on the App Store ten years later. Not many of the original iOS developer crew are still around, and it’s always awesome to hear news that they are.