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‘MagiCats Builder’ Bringing Cats, Platforming, and a Level Creator Together as One on July 10th

One of the great things about touchscreens is how simple it is to interact with stuff on the screen, dragging and dropping items around like the tip of your finger is a mouse cursor. Because of that, things like level editors can feel totally natural and accessible, and I always am surprised that there aren’t more games that feature level creation mechanics. Well Dreamz Studio wants to change that, and they want to do so by blending two of my very favorite things in this world: Cats and platforming games. Their upcoming game MagiCats Builder looks like a killer platforming game in its own right, with clean visuals and great animations akin to something like the recent Rayman games. Throw in a full-featured editor where you not only create your own levels but also place enemies and give them varying levels of AI behavior? Well that just sounds downright awesome.

Of course, MagiCats Builder isn’t about creating your own levels just for yourself, and in fact the game is built around community support so you’re encouraged to create and share your own levels as well as play those from other creators. The created levels, or Catstructions as they’re called, will be ranked on a weekly basis and the system is designed to highlight the best levels as everyone strives to become that top ranked creator. It sounds really awesome, and if you’re the super impatient type, you can actually play MagiCats Builder on Steam Early Access right now. The game has been in Early Access for about nine months and has changed drastically for the better based on all the feedback from the early player community. If you can excercise a bit of restraint though, MagiCats Builder will be officially out a week from today on July 10th on iOS, Android, and Steam, so look for it then.