‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Heads Back to the Beach with the Latest Summoning Event

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If recent weather is anything to go by, it looks like we’re in for a scorcher of a summer this year. That bright burning ball of gas in the sky is going to push up electricity bills, make you feel like you need a shower five minutes after you get out of the shower, and sear the flesh of any foolish mortal that dares challenge the bringer of life without sufficient protection. Is there any positive to all of this mess? Yes. Yes there is. The noble tradition of hitting the beach in our finest swimming apparel is alive and well, and Fire Emblem Heroes (Free) is naturally getting in on the act.

You probably know how this all goes by now, but just in case you’re new to the whole thing, a Summoning Event introduces new characters to the game through random draws. These characters are often only around for a limited time and run the gamut from useless to utterly broken. But all very, very collectible, I assure you. The newest event is called Summer’s Arrival, and just like last year’s summer event, there are four heroes from Fire Emblem games gone by donning their bathing wear of choice and wielding ridiculous weapons.

First up, there’s Cordelia from Fire Emblem Awakening. She wields a lance adorned with shells and rides on top of a horse. Also hailing from the same game is Noire, who wields a coconut tree bow and needs a sandwich very badly. The other two heroes come from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, the final Game Boy Advance release in the series. Tana hits enemies with a barrage of tropical fruits from her red spell book and rides a pegasus. Her brother Innes represents the dudes by bashing heads in using a beach flag as an axe. He may be shirtless but he’s not wyvern-less, so watch out.

Naturally, there’s a new set of story missions to play that gives some absurd context to all of this, and that means you’ll get some free orbs by finishing them. There are also some quests to complete and a login bonus associated with the event. That may just add up to enough freebies to try a full draw, particularly since the first pull is free as always. So hey, head on down to the virtual beach and enjoy the time-honored Fire Emblem summer custom of viciously beating your foes using the silliest weapons around.

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