Atmospheric Puzzler ‘Starman’ Gets New “Flow Mode” Content and Goes Free Through the ‘Apple Store’ App

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With hundreds of games coming out for mobile every week, it’s not hard for some truly great ones to get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes it’s not even about them getting lost though, sometimes you just have SO MANY great games to play at any given time that the really awesome new game you checked out for thirty seconds and you’re SURE you’ll return to shortly gets relegated to a folder somewhere in a dark corner of your device, never to be heard from again. One game that fits that bill for me personally is Starman ($3.99) from developer Nada Studio. It launched last November just prior to the holiday rush of new releases, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find that it slipped under the radar of a lot of folks out there. But this injustice can not stand! Starman is an incredibly atmospheric puzzler and if you like what you see in this trailer then you should definitely consider checking it out.

Ok, so with that out of the way, the reason I’m bringing this all up today is that a brand new update has arrived for Starman, and it’s a really cool one. It adds in a brand new “Flow Mode" to the game, which is an additional area you can unlock and play around inside endlessly. There are puzzles to discover and solve here, but it also acts as sort of a sandbox where you can explore, interact with things, change the weather, and more. Here’s a trailer showing the new Flow Mode area in Starman.

Seeing as the base game of Starman isn’t a terribly long experience, Flow Mode seems like the perfect answer for fans of the game who want more. If you’ve previously played and beaten all the levels in the regular campaign of Starman, you’ll unlock the Flow Mode for free. If you haven’t done that yet, but still want to check out Flow Mode, you can pay for that privilege and unlock it early with a 99¢ IAP. Either way, if you enjoy puzzle games that aren’t necessarily that difficult but always leave you with a feeling of “Oh, clever!" when you complete a level, and you enjoy a really atmospheric setting, I’d definitely suggest checking out Starman and its new Flow Mode. Also, until July 15th, you can try out Starman for free for the first time ever through the Apple Store (Free) app. Just head to the Discover tab in the Apple Store app and scroll down for a bit until you see the Starman promotion, and then download away!

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