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‘Best Rally’ is the New Game from ‘Power Hover’ Creators Oddrok, Coming July 5th

I’m a big fan of everything developer Oddrok puts out, which include the super stylish hoverboarding games Power Hover ($3.99) and its spinoff Power Hover: Cruise (Free), their Crossy Road-esque arcade tapper Drop Not! (Free), and their most recent game the awesome helicopter-hopping game HeliHopper (Free). Basically I associate Oddrok with putting out games that feel totally built for touchscreen play and with a sense of coolness and level of polish not typically seen in many mobile games. Now they’re readying their fifth mobile game release, and it’s a very promising looking top-down rally racer called simply Best Rally. Check out a few gifs of it in action.

Oddrok describes Best Rally as “a super aproachable racing game without fluff" and says that there will be “Over 30 handcrafted and varied tracks on launch." They also say that Best Rally is “the best looking game from us so far" which is impressive considering all of their games are absolute treats visually. Long-time TouchArcade readers may remember a sweet rally game we were mildly obsessed with almost a decade ago called Cubed Rally Racer, which is sadly no longer available, and Best Rally looks to me like a modern version of that, which is incredibly exciting to me. Best Rally is scheduled to launch on July 5th and if you want to get ahead of the game you can pre-order it right now by clicking this link on an iOS 11 device, and until it hits you can pass the time by talking about this one with the developers in our forums.