‘Return of the Zombie King’ is Free for the First Time Ever

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Here’s a cool freebie to lighten up your Monday: Return of the Zombie King (Free) is currently free for the first time ever. This is a rather cool auto-running platformer in part because of the twist at the game’s core. You start off as the eponymous zombie king, with no ears, eyes, or legs. So, there is no music, you can’t jump, and everything is black and white. You quickly start to earn upgrades and find yourself with more powers than ever, and more of those missing body parts you suddenly found yourself without!

The upgrade system, and the way it informs the premise of the game, really makes this one stand out and well worth a download. Also, unlike many endless runners, this one actually is level-based, and has 100 levels, so you can beat this one! No need to worry about chasing ever higher scores, just beat the game, and don’t let it sit in your backlog. You can feel accomplishment, and for a limited time, you don’t have to pay any money. How can you beat that combination? I don’t think you can!

Also, I like this line from the developer, who also made the fun Wizard Golf RPG (Free), for this brilliant line from an update description:

Shout out to JetJet who was so offended by my usage of the French language that he personally retranslated it for me. Aren’t the French awesome with the love of their beautiful language.

I have never been that offended by anything, ever. And you can now enjoy this act of vengeance for no cost to you, but only for a limited time!

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    When the Zombie King returns, it spells doom for the world! Or it would, if he had all of his powers. Unfortunately, he …
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