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‘Super Soccer Jump’ is Wacky Physics-Based Soccer from the Makers of ‘Stinger Table Hockey’

If you’ll join me in my time machine as we jump back nearly a decade to early 2010, just a couple of months before I started working for TouchArcade in fact, and one of my favorite new iPhone games (this was even before the iPad) was Stinger Table Hockey ($1.99) from Stinger Games. If you aren’t familiar with table hockey, it’s sort of to hockey what foosball is to soccer. You manipulate handles on the side of the table to move and spin a team of hockey players as you battle against an opponent. Stinger Table Hockey digitized that experience, and at a time when touchscreen controls where still very much a new thing that developers were constantly experimenting with, there was something super satisfying and natural about controlling your players with the smoothness of swipe gestures. Anyway, Stinger Games went on to release the similar Team Canada Table Hockey ($0.99) and Stinger Foosball League ($1.99), the latter of which being the only game that hasn’t been updated to keep it current over the years. Now they’ve announced another new sports game, but this time in the “wacky physics-based" genre of sports. It’s called Super Soccer Jump, and you can see it in action below.

Whereas the previous Stinger games were more like simulations of real-world table games, Super Soccer Jump is very much not a simulation game. It’s inspired by some other classic wacky physics sports games like Soccer Physics and Dunkers, and as I’ve mentioned many times before I have a huge soft spot in my heart for those types of games. Don’t let its wackiness fool you though, as this appears to be a pretty deep game with moves that include “flying bicycle kicks, header deflections, and slide tackles." There’s also a team-building aspect that sees you beating other teams and then trading for players with higher stats, with the ultimate goal of having a top-tier team to compete against the big boy national league teams. No release date has been set just yet but Stinger is aiming to get Super Soccer Jump released in late June or early July, and until that time you can find out more by checking out the thread in our forums.