Single Device Party Game ‘Out of the Loop’ Hits the App Store and Google Play Store

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We first got a taste of Tasty Rook’s new single-device party game Out of the Loop (Free) back during GDC in March, and learned earlier this month that the game would be arriving June 14th, and while it didn’t quite hit in time to be included in our weekly new games roundup a quick check of the calendar shows that today is indeed June 14th and the game is indeed now available in the App Store. How about that! Out of the Loop gives a topic to a group of players, or rather, all but one person in the group. That person that does not get to know what the topic is must pretend that they DO know, and the rest of the group needs to determine which person in the group is the one who is “out of the loop" before that person is able to guess what the topic actually is. A device is passed around and questions about the topic are answered, with those in the loop being careful not to give away the topic with their answers and the person out of the loop careful to not give away that they have no idea what the topic is with their answers. Yes, your BS’ing skills will come in handy in Out of the Loop.

It’s a really fun premise, and closely follows Tasty Rooks other single device party game that they released last year, Triple Agent, which had one person playing as a spy agent and the rest of the group trying to determine who the spy is. I’ve mentioned before that I love these types of single device party games as you can bust them out at any time and have an impromptu party game going in at a moment’s notice, without having to try and coordinate everyone downloading and syncing up an app or without lugging around a board game and all its pieces everywhere you go. So, now that it’s released, maybe go grab Out of the Loop on iOS with the link below or on the Google Play Store if you’re on Android and try to get a game going on the bus or on the train or really anywhere where people gather and are bored, and be sure to drop by the forum thread to discuss this one in our community.

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