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‘Marble Madness’-inspired Rolling Platformer ‘Flicky Marble’ Coming June 26th to iOS, Apple TV, and MacOS X

It was in November of last year that we first heard about Flicky Marble from indie developer Phil Stroffolino, a Marble Madness-inspired ball rolling platformer built from the ground up for touch screen devices. I actually had the opportunity to play an early version of Flicky Marble around that time and can confirm that the control you have over moving your marble around is absolutely top-notch, making it a joy to play especially with just one hand (though it does support both portrait and landscape orientations). Then this past March we were able to check out an more complete version of Flicky Marble in a hands-on demo and continued to be impressed with how it played. Now after a brief period of silence Stroffolino has announced that Flicky Marble is all finished up and will be launching on Tuesday, June 26th. Check out the brand new trailer.

One of the cool things about Flicky Marble is that just making it from the start of a level to the finish is a satisfying challenge for gamers of all skill levels, but if you’re the speedrunning type then you can really dig into the game’s mechanics to try and perfect your completion times. There are all sorts of tricks you can learn with the controls as well as some crazy shortcuts to discover that’ll help you shave time off of your runs. There are even special unlockable videos in the game which will show you a “perfect" run on a level so you can see how the pros do it. Flicky Marble will be free with a limited lives structure that can be replenished with IAP or by watching ads, and there will also be a one-time premium IAP you can buy that just removes all that and lets you play as much as you want with no strings attached. Check it out when it hits two weeks from today and in the meantime head over to the forums for some discussion about Flicky Marble.