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GDC 2018: An Updated Look at ‘Flicky Marble’ and ‘Slam Mania’ from Easy 8 Software

Flicky Marble and Slam Mania are two upcoming games from Pocket Boxing developer Easy 8 Software, and while they weren’t on hand at GDC 2018 to show off these games themselves, good friend and frequent collaborator NorthernBytes Software of Suzy Cube fame was on hand to demo the latest versions of these games to me. We posted about Flicky Marble back in November, and it’s a Marble Madness-inspired platformer with absolutely fantastic controls. Fans of speedruns will fall in love with the competitive aspects of this one, but it’s also totally approachable from a more casual standpoint if you simply want to take your time and work through the levels in the game. We also posted about Slam Mania last November, and this too is an homage to a classic, an old wrestling game called Mat Mania. Again the controls are the star of the show here as they’re incredibly easy to grasp but still allow for a good amount of depth. While no release dates are set for either game, Flicky Marble is likely to arrive first hopefully at some point this year with Slam Mania coming sometime after. Check out both games in action in our hands-on video from GDC.