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‘Flicky Marble’ is a Fast and Challenging 3D Platformer Inspired by ‘Marble Madness’

There are certain games that are just ingrained in my brain due to how much I played them when I was a kid, and Marble Madness on the NES is totally one of those games. I’m far from alone too as it’s a beloved classic to many gamers, and I’m always interested in games that take inspiration from it. Such is the case with Easy 8 Software’s upcoming Flicky Marble. Yes, it’s a Verby Noun game, but don’t let that distract you. Flicky Marble is actually a challenging 3D platformer with several nods to the almighty Marble Madness and a control scheme that feels just perfect on the touchscreen. Not only do you need to make it to the end of each level, but you’ll face off against aggressive enemies and even boss fights along the way, with added collectibles scattered about to really test your platforming prowess. Check out the latest trailer for Flicky Marble.

Easy 8 has been working on Flicky Marble off and on for at least a year, and over on their Youtube channel you can see lots of early videos of the game in action and it’s really kind of neat to see how far it’s come since. I’m actually playing an early build of the game right now and it’s quite good already. That perfect control scheme I mentioned functions almost exactly like the one in Land Sliders, and the game is much quicker than you might think. It almost feels like controlled chaos as you flick your marble around each level, and since the game is timed you’re encouraged to drive a bit recklessly in order to nail a great time. I think it will be a hit with marble lovers and platformer lovers alike, and while there’s no release date just yet for Flicky Marble you can keep up with its progress and even sign up for possible beta testing by checking out the thread in our forums.