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Long-Awaited 3D Platformer ‘Suzy Cube’ Release Date Announced

Noodlecake Games today has a release date for NorthernBytes Software’s Suzy Cube: June 19th! This 3D platformer, which boasts strong inspiration from Super Mario 3D Land, has been in development from the solo developer Louis-Nicolas Dozois at NorthernBytes for a few years now. It boasts a fixed camera angle reminiscent of the 3DS and Wii U Mario games, which allows for the game to control the camera, and never be in the way of the player while they’re doing their platforming work. Suzy Cube will feature full controller support, along with Apple TV compatibility, but don’t sleep on the touch controls. NorthernBytes put in a lot of work to try and make them work ideally with the game’s 40 levels.

Suzy Cube will cost $3.99 on iOS and Android, and $7.99 on Steam for PC and Mac (with a 40% off launch sale). This is one of the most anticipated games around TouchArcade Towers, because any time someone went hands-on with it, they walked away impressed. Seriously, last year, when the first trailer released, Eli called it “the best 3D platformer we’ve played on iOS” and the game underwent over a year of meticulous additional work from NorthernBytes and the hitmakers at Noodlecake.

Suzy Cube has mobile game of the year potential, so do not sleep on this one when it hits on June 19th.