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‘Suzy Cube’ Gets its First Trailer

We’ve been covering Northern Bytes’ Suzy Cube for quite literally years now and for good reason: The game in its current in-development state is the best 3D platformer we’ve played on iOS. While there’s certainly no shortage of games with 3D platforming mechanics on the App Store, I’ve typically found them to be unplayably clunky, both in how you control your character as well as how you control the camera. That’s not the case with Suzy Cube, at all, to an extent that’s just sort of crazy. Take a look at the trailer:

The amount of care that’s been taken in building the levels, perfecting the control, and making sure the camera is never in a place that it gets in your way has been exhaustively detailed in developer blogs, and is really worth a look if you’re at all into the nitty gritty of what makes a 3D platformer work on touch devices. We’ve also got a thread in our forums that has been cookin’ since 2015 that is packed with similar insights.

We’re super excited for Suzy Cube, but since it’s just one developer working on the whole thing, we’re not expecting it anytime soon. But, ya’know, that’s alright. The constant drip feed of updates at the two links above are good enough for now!