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‘Off The Road’ is Dogbyte Games’ New Offroad Racing Game Coming Soon to iOS and Android

Dogbyte Games announced Off The Road on our new and revamped forums, and it’s looking like quite the impressive advancement on their previous work. While the lot of their previous work was two-dimensional, albeit with impressive three-dimensional graphics, Off The Road is full 3D action. In fact, as opposed to the more structured gameplay of something like Offroad Legends 2 Extreme (Free), this is an open-world adventure, where you can drive around and commandeer different vehicles,. There are the standard array of off-road vehicles, but you can also drive boats and helicopters!

Missions will include pulling off some impressive stunts on some special road areas that appear, but you also have to get payloads from point A to B, and use your car’s winch to tow things. Or, you can just drive around and explore what is looking like a shockingly big and detailed world for what will be a free-to-play mobile game from certainly a well-known studio, but not one that has hundreds and hundreds of people working for it…I presume! It goes to show how far game development has come to where small studios can put out games that took large development teams a lot of time, effort, and manpower to produce 10 to 15 years ago. And this has impressive visual effects and 60 FPS gameplay to boot!

You can expect Off The Road‘s sandbox driving action to hit iOS and Android sometime in July for free. Dogbyte Games is in our forums, feel free to checkout the new look and discuss the game and possibly ask the developers questions in the game’s forum thread!