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Cat-Based Card Battler ‘Meow Wars’ is Open for Beta Testing

My philosophy is simple: Add cats to anything to instantly make that thing better. Card battlers are super popular right now and there’s no shortage of them on the App Store, but wouldn’t they be SO much better if they were filled with cats? Don’t answer that, it was a rhetorical question, the answer is obviously yes. The awesomely-named developer Taco Truck Games knows this, and thus they’re working on a new cat-based card game called Meow Wars. Do you want to see what that looks like in action? Don’t answer that one either, because of course you do. Check out this teaser trailer for Meow Wars that was released last fall, and check out the official site for more information on all the characters and screen shots from the game.

So, now that you’re all primed and ready to play Meow Wars, you’ll probably be sad when I tell you that the game isn’t actually out. Boohoo! Except I’d never do that to you, I love you. While the game really isn’t out yet, Taco Truck launched the beta of Meow Wars over the weekend, so if you head over to the official site or to the specific beta testing site where you’ll find links to check out an early version and help beta test. The beta is for both iOS and Android, and if you’re on Android you’ll simply be able to sign up through the Google Play Store to be a tester. On iOS you’ll need to sign up to get in line for a Testflight version. So if you’re so inclined, get on the beta train for Meow Wars, otherwise look for it to launch in the not-too-distant future.