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First Gameplay Trailer Revealed for ‘World of Demons’ from PlatinumGames and DeNA

Last month PlatinumGames flew a host of games writers, including our own Eli Hodapp, out to Japan to reveal one of their newest projects. To the surprise of many, Platinum announced that their new game would be a free to play mobile title, and that they’d be partnering up with prolific mobile developer and publisher DeNA to help bring it to fruition. Being that Platinum is known for creating hardcore titles like the Bayonetta series and Nier: Automata, there is the worry that existing fans of the company will automatically be turned off by World of Demons due to it being on mobile and being free to play. Those are certainly valid concerns, but based on Eli’s hands-on time with the game last month, I think the developers have a good chance at creating a real skill-based action title on mobile that might surprise even the realist of Real Gamers. Today, Platinum and DeNA have released the first gameplay trailer showing World of Demons in action, check it out.

Following that initial reveal trailer last month, and this more gameplay-focused trailer today, I really can’t wait to try out World of Demons for myself. I love character action games and while there have been some pretty decent ones on mobile over the years, it still feels like there’s room to provide an experience that’s especially tailored to the touchscreen. From what we know about how World of Demons works, it’s a highly streamlined affair compared to these types of games on console and PC, but it’s still very skill- and reaction-based. Aside from that, I absolutely love love love the aesthetic of the game, especially the enemies that are based on real Japanese folklore. World of Demons is set to launch at some point this summer, and you can head over to the pre-registration site to pre-register for this one ahead of its official launch.