SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Just Shapes and Beats’, ‘West of Loathing’, and Too Many New eShop Releases

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for May 31st! It’s been a crazy month for Switch releases, and everyone just kind of decided to drop even more new games on us, it seems. Like, there are 16 new releases today. And it’s not just a bunch of throwaway titles, there are some solid originals and ports in the bunch. Plus, Sega released the third episode of the awesome Sonic Mania Adventures cartoon shorts, so watch that, then browse through all the new releases, and a few relevant sales!

New Releases

Lost Sea ($9.99)

I dig cel-shaded graphics and hope they make a big return someday. Thankfully, Lost Sea is here to give me the cel-shading I crave. You get stranded on a mysterious island in the sea, and have to recruit survivors, and find items and upgrades to help you survive and eventually get off of the island. We have to go back, Kate…and play this game again! A little Lost reference there for you. Though, the real winner of mystery shows this millennium? Gravity Falls. It actually has a satisfying conclusion and answers all the important questions! But it doesn’t take place on an island unless you consider North America to be one giant island, I guess. Point is, this game is about being stranded on an island.

Songbringer ($19.99)

Fans of pixellated action-RPGs, this is the game for you. Frankly, I like the description for this game because it says it has “stuff” in it, which I totally respect. Also, the game isn’t a roguelike, but does use a procedurally-generated world with six-letter seeds. So, it’s possible to, say, create world CARTER and everyone can play through that. The theme mixes in sci-fi and fantasy elements, and the more I look into this the more intrigued I am. Interestingly, there is already free DLC for the game, the Trial of Ren. You can download this even if you don’t own Songbringer, so if it ever becomes paid, you might want to download the DLC now just to say you have it. Or not. Also, check out the YouTube channel, which has over 666 streams of the game’s development.

Them Bombs ($9.99)

This is pretty much just a clone of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, where one player on the system tries to defuse a bomb, while other players use the bomb defusal manual, available online, to give them instructions on how to defuse the bomb. Ehhhhhhhhhhhh, I’d probably pass on this because it just seems so blatantly aping the idea of another game. Like, iterate on ideas, sure. Great artists steal and all that. But lifting the theme and concept of a game wholesale? Even if said game isn’t on the Switch already? This seems questionable.

Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Joe and Mac Caveman Ninjas ($6.99)

Flying Tiger Entertainment delivers their latest Data East title. This platformer has you playing as Joe and Mac, who are caveman ninjas. I’m not sure that’s really a thing, but go on. If you like old-school, cooperative action-platformers, this might be worth at least worth a runthrough once with a friend.

Just Shapes and Beats ($19.99)

If you want anything BUT shapes and beats, TOO BAD. This is described as “co-op musical bullet-hell” where all the levels are based on music tracks, so you have to dodge and shoot to the rhythm of the music in the game. Cooperative play is at the heart of the experience, as you can play in up to four-player games either locally or online through either specific Challenge Runs, or do the whole dang Story Mode. The soundtrack is full of EDM and chiptunes, because I’m pretty sure discordant progressive metal with shifting time signatures wouldn’t work. Despite that being my favorite thing! Also, I like that the game boasts a Party mode, where you can use it essentially as a fancy visualizer for the game’s music that people can also pick up and play.

Smoke and Sacrifice ($19.99)

It’s a big day for procedural generation, as this crafting survival action-RPG hits the Switch and PC. You play as Sachi, trying to discover the secrets of the underworld after being forced to sacrifice her son. This one looks like a darker take on Don’t Starve, and the stronger focus on narrative might make this one stand out.

Pirate Pop Plus ($4.99)

This sounds like a match-3 game with bubbles and pirates, but it isn’t! Instead, the game, originally released on Wii U and 3DS, has you fighting the Bubble Pirate, shooting bubbles. Gravity flips around constantly, and you have to be careful about your anchor, as you are defenseless if you miss and shoot all the way to the other wall. If you like Game Boy aesthetics, this is absolutely the game for you, with a bunch of customizations to unlock over time as well. This one looks like a fun high-score chaser, and those who played on previous platforms seemed to enjoy the game a bunch. And in case you’re wondering: this was based on a game jam title expanded out into a full game, that’s where the Plus comes from, though it also adds some sweet alliteration to the title. This looks like it’s my jam.


If you want a co-op action arcade emulation wrapper game with authentic ninjas, and not just inauthentic caveman ninjas, this is the game for you. The 1990 NeoGeo beat ‘em up is brought to Switch by prolific publisher HAMSTER. Likely fun to sit back with a friend over a beer or two and beat this in one run, especially with endless credits. Saves money compared to going to a barcade, which is an excellent experience, but rarely cheap.

ICEY ($9.99)

This hack ‘n slash action game makes its way to Switch at last. If you like acrobatic combat where can pull off all kinds of flashy moves against enemies and bosses, this is the way to go. I played this on iPad and had a good time with it, but also found the game to be a little janky at times, though that might have had to do with adapting the game for touch controls and the iPad’s high resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio. This one will probably be fine with physical controls on the Switch.

World Soccer Pinball ($1.99)

Okay, this publisher, the same one as last week’s Jurassic Pinball, is clearly just trying to capitalize on recent trends. With the World Cup happening soon, this is clearly just capitalizing on that.

West of Loathing ($11.00)

Remember Kingdom of Loathing, the online RPG that was centered around text and stick figures? Well, the world has a whole massive singleplayer RPG experience out now on the Switch, and it’s got plenty of absurdity and comedy to go along with a deep RPG experience despite its unassuming exterior. Also, you get to fight demon cows. Will demon steak turn you evil? Hmm.

Defoliation ($9.99)

This is a game where you have to solve puzzles to advance the story, where a bunch of students are trapped in a strange woman’s house. Also, one of the screenshots is a rather creepy description of a sleeping girl, so I get the sense that if you like Gal-Gun 2 or enjoyed the rear touchpad on the Vita ahem this might be up your alley.

Quad Fighter K ($7.99)

Two player cooperative shoot ‘em ups are for people who hang out with like…one friend at a time (raises hand), or are boring-ass monogamous married couples. What if you have many friends…or are in some kind of polyamorous relationship where two-player shmups are leaving some folks out of the loop? Where is the shoot ‘em up for you, and your “knows at least two other people, either literally or in the Biblical sense” lifestyle? Now this is the game for you, as it features four player shoot ‘em up action.

Pure / Electric Love “What do you want?" – Eri Kitami ($5.00)

This is a real weird one, this game stars “fetish cosplayer" Eri Kitami, and is entirely in Japanese, and the eShop description seems to be entirely a Google Translate job. I guess it’s a game where you talk to her and answer questions and you get more photos? Honestly, my mind is blown that this game exists on a Nintendo platform. Did everyone at Nintendo get real cool about a bunch of stuff real quickly? What’s next, the uncensored version of Agony?

Go find the trailer yourself, you horndog.

Milanoir ($12.99)

Directly claiming to be inspired by 1970s Italian crime movies and Quentin Tarantino, this top-down action game has you playing as Piero, a man just released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and ready to get revenge on the man who framed him. There is also a cooperative mode, because revenge is a dish best served with a friend who is ride or die.

Yesterday Origins ($29.99)

This game has you playing as John Yesterday and Pauline Petit, and the former of the duo is immortal. He can die and resurrect, but he forgets who he is. Pauline also wants to become immortal, but things get complicated as it turns out some bad dudes could take advantage of immortality, so you have to try and reproduce the ritual for yourself…and maybe find a way to reverse it? If you like weird point-and-click adventures, this game might be up your alley.


Antiquia Lost ($9.09 from $12.99 until June 13)

Hey, it’s a Kemco RPG on sale! Any ink I spill on the game will pale in comparison to what the world’s foremost Kemco RPG expert Shaun Musgrave has to say, so go read his review of this one. Just a warning that I don’t think the IAP elements were changed from the mobile version, as the purchases are still here on the eShop version. Welp!

Fear Effect Sedna ($13.39 from $19.99 until June 13)

Every time I think about this title, I’m just impressed that some folks cared enough about a late-PS1-era series that combined horror and mythology, and revived it as an isometric stealth-action game? Cool, I guess! This one does look interesting enough.

FIFA 18 ($29.99 from $59.99 until June 1)

The US might not be able to care less about the World Cup since the USMNT couldn’t make it, and the Scott Van Pelt tournament of countries that somehow failed to qualify never came together. Fox Sports has to run ads to encourage people to “root for your roots” to give them some reason to watch. Maybe ratings won’t be that bad, what with the slowly growing soccer fanbase in the US. Anyway, FIFA 18 got a World Cup update recently adding in new game modes and the national teams, and it’s on sale until sometime tomorrow.

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