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After More than Two Years, ‘Silverfish DX’ is Set to Arrive June 7th and You Can Pre-Order it Now

Gather ’round young ones, and let me tell you a tale from the early days of the App Store. Developer Frank Condello, professionally known as Chaotic Box, was among the first waves of developers to release games on the iPhone following the opening of the App Store in 2008. His game Pinch ‘n Pop was quite popular amongst our community here at TouchArcade, ourselves still a fledgling mobile games site, but it was really his late 2010 release Silverfish that appealed to our old-school arcade game sensibilities. An avoidance game with flashy, glowy particle effects and crazy enemy designs, Silverfish quickly became a favorite around these parts. Fast-forward five years after its original release and Chaotic Box announced Silverfish DX, a remaster of the original that would add Universal support for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV all in a single package with upgraded visuals and a new control scheme. Now more than two years later and Silverfish DX is finally set to release on June 7th, and there’s a brand new trailer showing off all those fancy new visuals in action.

One of the defining characteristics of the original Silverfish was its control scheme, which allowed you to swipe in any of the cardinal directions to change the direction of your always-moving character, similar to the controls in Pac-Man. Opinions were heavily divided on this, with many loving the the strategy that limiting your movement to four directions brought and seemingly just as many hating how restrictive it felt compared to similar arena-style arcade games. Well, those in the latter camp will be pleased to know that you have full movement in Silverfish DX. I think it probably makes for a more approachable experience for far more people, but it also feels like it’s losing some of its character by changing that. I’d love a “Classic Mode" or something that brought that back for us purists. But really, I can’t complain too much as one of the App Store’s all-time bests is coming back with a complete overhaul. If you want to get ahead of the whole “downloading Silverfish DX" thing, you can pre-order it right now by clicking this link on an iOS 11 device. Otherwise look for it on the App Store on June 7th for $3.99.