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‘Silverfish DX’ Updates the ‘SHREDD’ Developer’s Arena Survival Game for Apple TV and iOS

Chaotic Box’s Frank Condello, developer of SHREDD (Free) (nee Dextris), is returning to one of his earliest releases for a big, re-done iOS and Apple TV edition. Silverfish DX started as an simple port of Silverfish ($1.99) to the Apple TV, but along the way, the game kind of spiraled out of control and became a way to revisit the original game. Here’s some footage of it in action on the Apple TV with the Siri Remote:

The big changes beyond new, HD graphics? The game is faster, with a bigger playing field. Enemy behaviors have been changed and new ones added in. And the biggest change? Movement is now free range, instead of fixed to cardinal directions, a la Pac-Man. You can move when and where you want, and nothing will stop you except for all those enemies! The original Silverfish was a fun game, and I’m interested to see how the new tweaks and changes will work out for Silverfish DX. This will be a separate, new release from the original game, but it will be universal for iOS and Apple TV when it’s ready, expected in January. There’s a forum thread if you’re interested to chat about the game.