Grim Puzzler ‘Death Coming’ Now Available on Android

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Gone are the days of Android users being left out in the dust when it comes to some of the best mobile games. It used to be that Android gamers had to beg and plead for developers to consider bringing their popular iOS games over to the Green Side, but nowadays it’s rare that a game isn’t on both platforms. Many even launch first on Android due to its early access capabilities. In some cases though Android users have to wait just a bit longer to get their hands on a game that is available on iOS. The latest example? The awesome puzzler Death Coming ($1.99) from NEXT Studios. After arriving to a positive reception on Steam last fall, Death Coming made its way to iOS in mid-March, with word that an Android version was also in the works. Well after that short delay, Death Coming is now available on Android via the Google Play Store, and there’s even a shiny new trailer to boot.

In case the video wasn’t clear, Death Coming is a puzzler that has you playing as the Grim Reaper’s assistant who must collect as many souls as possible to keep your new boss happy. You can’t just go around killing people all willy nilly though, so instead you’ll attempt to create elaborate “accidents" that will result in the death of the unfortunate folks who happen to be roaming around the game world while you’re doing your thing. It’s a ton of fun to experiment with different ways to create these accidents and even see things happen that you weren’t quite expecting. Like the iOS version, Death Coming on Android will set you back $1.99, however on the Google Play Store it’s actually a free download with the full game unlock available as an IAP. So basically there’s no reason not to give it a shot if you’re an Android user, and be sure to check out our forum thread for more impressions about the game.

Google Play Store Link: Death Coming, Free (by NEXTStudio)

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