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‘Smoosh LAB’ Will Bring Colorful Puzzle Creation to Mobile on May 28th

Curious Labs is readying a follow-up to their popular 2015 puzzler Smoosh! (Free) called Smoosh LAB, and as you might have guessed based on the title this one is all about creating your own puzzles. The original Smoosh! was a block-sliding puzzler, or more accurately a Blop-sliding puzzler based on what Curious Labs calls the cute little colored spheres in its games, and it featured a mix of sliding those Blops as well as combining them to create different colors in order to house all the little Blops in their various goals. It featured nearly 200 levels in total, but Smoosh LAB wants to up that ante by allowing players to create and share their very own level creations using an in-game level editor.

As you can see in that trailer, level creation and Blop creation looks easy peasy with the touchscreen interface of our mobile devices. Smoosh LAB isn’t too far off with a launch planned for this coming Monday, May 28th but if you find that you just can’t wait to get your hands on this one, then Curious Labs is happy to oblige. You can sign up right here for early access to Smoosh LAB for either iOS or Android and provide some early feedback to the developer which can help shape the game ahead of its full launch. If you’re more of the patient type, then hang tight for just under a week to check out the official release of Smoosh LAB next Monday.