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Zach Gage Announces ‘Pocket-Run Pool’, Releases Thursday, May 24th

Zach Gage, creator of SpellTower ($2.99), Flipflop Solitaire (Free), and more really good games, is entering the world of billiards with Pocket-Run Pool this Thursday, May 24th. Developed with Denver Coulson, the core of the game is pool where you have 10 balls on the table, and a multiplier that changes for each pocket, rotating with each made shot. Miss three times, and it’s game over, with the objective being to get as high a score in one run as possible. The highest score will be if you get all 10 balls in on the break, but good luck actually doing that as a skill move.

There are two modes where you just play this mode, Standard Run, and Break of the Week. The latter has you playing to complete a puzzle based off of a standardized break that everyone else also has, and you’re trying to get the highest score possible. But the most intriguing moments come from the Insta-Tournament and High Stakes Pool modes, which play with an in-game currency system. You can compete in regular contests to increase your chip count in Insta-Tournaments, and play to risk your bank or increase it in High Stakes Pool. Don’t worry about losing all your money, like in the Sage Solitaire (Free) True Grit mode: you can get rebuys by watching ads or through in-app purchases.

Pocket-Run Pool will use the tried and true Zach Gage business model of being free with ads, but with a premium unlock to get all game modes, and also free rebuys for high stakes and tournament players. I’ve played a preview build briefly, and I’m curious to see how the mechanics play out as I experience more of the game, and especially to see how the Insta-Tournament feature works. Definitely keep Pocket-Run Pool in mind ahead of its release this Thursday on iOS.